Thursday, June 2, 2016

Event 2: The Getty Museum

Main entrance 
Visiting the Getty Museum was a great experience. The Museum itself is incredibly beautiful and the view are amazing, (not a bad place for a date). There are many things about the Getty that I loved but the sculpture garden was one of the areas where I most obviously saw the mixture of art and mathematics. Most often these sculptures are usually filled with roses and the geometry and of these perfectly balanced structures are very fun to observe. I wish I knew more about architecture but I am still able to enjoy it, immediately when you walk into the Getty the steps of Marble you see are breathtaking. The sculptures on these steps are also very pretty.

During my trip to the Getty there was an exhibit called the Cave Temples of DunHuang. In this exhibit there were many old pieces of parchment including the oldest written parchment in the world. The Getty is the first location in the United States that have hosted this piece. It is very interesting to be able to see how far back humans were able to record events. Before this there are no first hand account of any events in the history of the Earth, everything we know about time before this parchment is theory. The trip to the Getty was more than anything an entertaining experience, being that is is so close to UCLA I will definitely be going back there at some point.
They wouldn't let us take a picture

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