Friday, June 10, 2016

Extra Credit event 1: Fowler Museum

The Fowler museum is located right next to Janss steps on the campus of UCLA. To be honest I had no idea that Fowler was an actual museum even though I have had a class in the same building. The first exhibit we saw was "Art of the Austronesians". This exhibit was an exploration of the Austronesian speaking people that originated in Taiwan and was a tribute to their sea voyages to the Philippines, Indonesia and more. There were many pieces of visual artwork, small characters and statures that were created by these people. Most of the artwork dates back about 200 years.
Guardian Figure, Stand for a Rebab (instrument)
The next exhibit was probably my favorite one in the Museum was "Reflecting Culture: the Francis E. Fowler Jr. Collection of Silver". There were many exciting pieces of silver that included a large ship, goblets for drinking and many other high class dining room objects but the pieces that caught my eye the most were these 12 dinner plates that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I. Each plate had a different scene from a Greek Mythology story on it. It is easy to tell the type of culture these monarchs lived in in the 16th Century. This era was the time of drama and English was of great importance. It is easy to see the artist expression even on these dinner plates. 

The last exhibit we visited was the "Pantheon de diablito rojo" which was a reflection of on the identity of Mexican culture following the Mexican Revolution. The art was expressed in the form of large prop skeletons that were made from collections of news paper. The Fowler museum is such an easy place to go visit, I will be returning.

Platters with Greek Mythology scenes on them

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